code: 69667p
Follower, fanspage package, 10k followers and 2 video point views, 1 minute 30k view

Real Human 100%Not a botfast processfast responseActive Follower IndonesiaSecureLegalFast work estimates 2-7 days days for 15000 followers (worst estimate) can be more and certain if it takes longer will be able to compensate Get additional bonuses for followers

Organic real video views / safe workmanship ads 1-3 days estimate for video views 

We provide videos to speed up the process, if the fanspage already has a video that we think can be used, we will try to use the video that is already available on the fanspage

NB: to check the fp requirements, you can check the insght then the video on the respective fanspage or open it on google type ad break, enter the top web

FAQ **************

Q: What should the buyer send to the seller so that the fan pages can be done?

A: Just add the fanpage editor that is being processed to my fb, then just wait for the process and I’ll let you know when it’s finished

Q: Is it safe?

A: Yep, bro, it’s 1000% safe because we use FBADS Ads, Not Using Bots.Q: Is the user active?

A: Yes, bro, the user is active on Facebook, because we don’t use bots, but instead use Facebook ads.

Q: Can the user be targeted?

A: You can’t, sorry, the user is in the random girl / boy.

Q: Is it still ready?

A: Yes, bro, as long as this ad is still there, it means ready, please, you can order it directly, no need to hesitate