code: x67ld
Note: The Account will be in Indonesian Currency (idr) 500k+500k = 70$

You get 70$ of Adword account in Indonesian currency 

Adwords account limit of 500,000 works!

rules are invite as admin, so later your email is invited as admin from his adwords account. so you don’t get an email from me, but only invite as admin for the adwords

– No need to top up your balance (there is already a limit of 500,000)

– Can be used directly with ads (prohibited from violating google high five)

– 2x replace account guarantee

– Guarantee only if it is suspended before the road advertisement, if the advertisement is already running and the suspension is not guaranteed

tutorial using complete adwords in it

FAQ ************** 

bro, my Gmail has used Adwords, what can I give it?

-Can be, sir

Can you advertise / application, bro?

– Yes, bro, all features are active

– 2x replace guarantee if the account is suspended (not valid if it violates Google high five)

– There is no guarantee if your ad is rejected / forfeited

– ads don’t go out? 

there is no guarantee bro, we guarantee only if it is suspended

– no refund for any reason, max 2x replace the account (invite as admin)

order = understand the warranty rules

be smart buyer 🙂