code: 8e79f
Promo vps / rdp windows support emulator / streamin OBS FULL month warranty.


Please read the description to the end.


Vps specifications:

1. 4 vcpu 

2. 8 GB ram

3. 160 GB SSD

4. Servers / Countries available US, Singapore, Australia, UK, CA, Germany, France, JP etc.

OS: Windows Server 2012,2016,2019, ubuntu, centos, fedora (please select and write in the notes column)

5. Transfer- Internet Speed ​​Up to 1-2 Gbps



Rdp support:

Android emulator


Traffic bot

Download / Upload activities





Don’t use RDP for:


2. Torent

3. hacking and other crimes.

4. Don’t use VPN software (browser extensions are allowed)

5. Do not use 100% CPU for too long or auto terminated



The data in the rdp is temporary, so please backup the important data in the rdp to cloud storage or on your PC.


Please order a lot of stock, I guarantee it will be sent on the same day, if the stock decreases I will slowly increase it.


thank you